Back to fly after 6 years, questions

Hi All,
I made my last online flight in 2017. After 6 years :slightly_smiling_face: I want to come back to the world of simulated aviation. Unfortunate I have found that A LOT has changed. (I intend to continue with FSX because I have many addons)
-Squakbox, does not work. I searched and the replacement is Vpilot, ok.
-Servinfo does not work any more
-VROUTE not work anymore. It was an ESENTIAL TOOL, who I used to export my flight plan to iFly 737 NG, AND to fill the flight plan to Vatsim, ALL at the same time.

Questions (after I have spent couple hours searching on internet):

  1. What route planning tool is advised to use? It MUST export the route for FMC for a wide range of aircrafts, including iFly. AND (maybe) can fill and send the flight plan to Vatsim AND (maybe) check events and controllers that are online. From my old knowledge (excluding now retired Vroute) no software can do it all.
    I would be VERY grateful for your support EVEN they are separate tools, or maybe to tell how YOU handle this issues.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to fly again.

Just making sure you saw my reply in your other thread.

@1044574 I don’t mind using my thread for your questions :wink: (just makes it more difficult for others to find the answers on your questions if they’re wondering about the same things).

I prefer more a more compact overview of events:

ATC bookings | StatSim is my preferred source to find scheduled ATC sessions.
Just type in “CTR” to find schedules Center positions. Works with “APP” the same way.
I recommend having an Excel sheet or note somewhere, which CTR covers the airports you’re flying to. For example if a controller scheduled LON_N_CTR, you either have to know which airports are covered or you’ve got to look it up on the internet.

VATSIM UK has got a really great overview here: VATSIM UK | Area Sectors
For LON_N_CTR you’ll find EGCC, EGNM, EGGP, etc…

In many other divisions it’s really hard to get information about scheduled stations.
Took me days and hours to find out which airports are covered by EDWW_A_CTR, EDMM_O_CTR, EDWW_D_CTR and EDMM_ZUG_CTR :wink:

Another very valuable source of information is for me.
You’ll find some very useful information there.
Salzburg, for example, had got Delivery, Ground, Tower, and Radar (APP).
Above the APP, theres Wien Radar, Wien Radar, Wien Radar and Wien Radar.
You need to pick the frequency of the Wien Radars and do a search to find out which of the various Wien Radars (LOVV_N, LOVV_S, LOVV_B, LOVV_E, LOVV_W, LOVV_C) is really covering Salzburg. :wink:

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