Automated ATC on VATSIM!?

Is this a new thing? I just got an AUTO_ATC message with my squawk code when I signed on. This is pretty cool!!


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I noticed this also. I like it. :grinning:

I’m sure there would have been an announcement if this was being implemented.

Could this be to ensure ATC coverage for a future CPDLC :interrobang:

This is simply a vNAS message, exclusive to USA, with nothing more to it than what’s said in it
It is simply possible due to an implementation of flight plan processing on the vNAS background

Raul is correct. This is a new feature of vNAS and simply gives you your assigned squawk code when ATC is not available to give you your IFR clearance. vNAS simulates the United States National Airspace System processing so you will only receive this message when departing from a US airport without ATC. The message does not replace a clearance issued by ATC.

Please note that even if you receive this message, it is still your responsibility as the pilot to check for active ATC. The message could be sent to you in error, if for instance, you file a flightplan with an incorrect departure airport.

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