Audio for VATSIM + Vpilot in Observer MOde

Hello everyone,

Is there any way of connecting to VATSIM Vpilot in observer mode, so i can have a tower view within MSFS while controlling with Euroscope?

Whenever i connect to vatsim as an observer, the tower frequency on AFV changes to 199.998.

Tks in advance!




Didn’t remember that!! Tks! I will try it :smiley:



To view the tower in MSFS while controlling with Euroscope on VATSIM, ensure AFV’s tower frequency remains correct during observer mode.

That’s because you had a duplicate connection to the network - That’s not allowed (CoC A8):

  • A8 An account holder shall only make one connection to the VATSIM network during any given session, except as may be otherwise provided for in this Code of Conduct.

.towerview on vPilot is the correct way to do it, but only works if you have an active controller connection on Euroscope. Observer connections on Euroscope won’t work

This makes no sense at all