ATIS not working on Simaware

Hi, is it just me or the ATIS text is not showing up on Simaware anymore?

Roughly speaking, is there any information available on when it will be fixed?

Just checked. Looks good! You’re end or a glitch.

Hi there, thanks for your response. Unfortunately it still seems not to be working (for more than 24 hours).

Specifically, this is what I get when I click on any airport’s ATIS:

The situation is the same regardless of which device I access Simaware from.

In fact, what I find interesting is that during the time period between now and when I posted my previous post: I happened to come across other people who also said that they encounter the same problem, i.e. they said that Simaware’s ATIS is currently broken (nobody else happened to say that it works for them).

I hope this is fixed, as Simaware’s ATIS used to be quite convenient and helpful to have a look at, before deciding which part of the world to travel from/to.

Good news, it’s fixed now!

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