ATC Software on Mac

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Compelte noob here. I’m looking to join the world of ATC controllers, but before I start my training, I want to know if it is even possible to get controller software on Mac.

I saw some old blog posts from years back, but all the macs listed were old Intel-based Macs that can run Bootcamp and stuff. I’m running a 2020 M1 MacBook Air. In some of those old blog posts, they talked about getting VRC


For your ATC training you’ll have to use the software that the mentors at your training facility use. You can’t choose “yours” because learning the software is a big part of the ATC training. I have not heard yet of “official” non-Windows ab initio ATC training yet. Maybe send some E-mails to vACCs where you would like to start your training. But I would not let that get in my way and would be prepared to just get an old Windows laptop for that. :wink:

I am using EuroScope and VectorAudio on Linux but haven’t been controlling much lately.
I have put together a script that installs EuroScope with a Windows compatibility layer (wine).
The wonderful VectorAudio is the libre variant of Audio for VATSIM (AfV). ARM/M1 is supported.
These are rather unbeaten paths and I suggest you be a little tech savvy to try them (until we have a libre ATC client).

I don’t know if it matters but I just joined VATSIM for the pilot training aspect working with ATC and their were several version selections for Mac users. Since I am running the newer 24" iMac M1 CPU chip, I figured I would download the latest version and take a chance to see if will work with VATSIM? It seems like 95 percent flight simmers are PC Windows-based users? I have been a hardcore Mac user for over 3 decades, but I am actually considering building me a Windows-based PC dedicated to flight simming :wink:

I think I accidentally joined the ATC training section thinking it was Pilot related? Don’t know if you can assist with my problem, but after getting all setup in VATSIM using the latest Mac version, whenever I try saving the CLS (think that is it) file after I downloaded no matter what folder I try to save too, all it states is “file is not a readable file choose a different folder”. I have attempted to save in every xplane (11 and 12) folder but still rejects? I will try to include a screen shot. I am about to give up on VATSIM! Any assistance would be appreciated!!! Allen

Please let me know if you get it working because after I finally jumped through all the hoops getting vatsim downloaded and setup when I downloaded the part needed to actually connect to ATCs (xpilot), after downloading and when trying to save to a non-readable file (?) it refuses all folders (even my xplane 11 and 12 folders). I have attempted every file folder on my iMac 24 M1 computer and nothing works. Not sure if you can make this screenshot work but if possible this is the message I receive when trying to save xpilot file (I think is called CSL file?)? So frustrating about ready to throw in the towel with VS.

@1215759 Anything you can do to help this chap, or redirect him to where he can get help? Many thanks.

@1729944 what’s the actual path you’re choosing?

The X-Plane folder path needs to be the same path where X-Plane is installed. When choosing the folder, you should see all the other X-Plane files and folders, like this:

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I will try these again but have tried my xplane folders no less than 10 times and all I get is a reject message saying to please select another folder. That is what is so frustrating I have attempted every folder on my computer and nothing works. I am the sole administrator and constantly have access to these folders, so I don’t see it being a security block. I will keep on trying! Thanks!

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That chap should have opened a new thread. This totally undermines the important topic the OP asked about.

Sorry, apparently I have not figured out the new forum software yet. I meant to move his post only. Undid the edit. Thanks for pointing it out and apologize for the confusion.

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