ATC estimated log off time session

I’m not sure if this is been discussed or even thought about before. From a pilots point of view, it would be very helpful if there was a way to look up a controller and see an estimated time that they would be logged in the network. I know there’s been a number of occasions when looking for coverage area to fly in and by the time you get your aircraft configured and set up and ready to fly, the controller shortly there after logs off which defeats the purpose of trying to fly with air traffic control. I understand that you could not hold the controller accountable for the exact times but an estimate would be helpful in determining if you wanted to fly with that controller or try to find another. Just food for thought. I appreciate your input or advice on the matter.

Many already put this in the controller info.

Plan your flight with ATC booking times: ATC bookings | StatSim

Ah, I had no idea this existed. I’m seeing mostly Europe controllers on the list. Does the US controllers use the same system too?

Much less than European controllers. Some of the US ARTCCs have their own booking system that can be checked on their ARTCC websites.

Thanks for sharing your information. I only fly in the U.S. It’s a bit disappointing not having a resource similar to what you had shared that is mainly used for the European countries. Having to search each U.S. ARTCC zones separately just adds up more preparation time. I utilize the VatScope apps to see who is logged on. You can see how long that they’ve been online but not how long they expect to be online.