ATC Coverage Forecast

vroute had a great feature to predict the chances of ATC being online at a specific station but with vroute being discontinued in 2024, I’m looking for a new tool which I can use to see where ATC will be online. Do you know one?

Yes, I’m aware of ATC bookings | StatSim. Unfortunately, there are regions and divisions on VATSIM, that do not book their ATC sessions in advance. For those VACCs it would be very useful to see on which station I can expect a controller. Very handy for long range flights I think.

Hi All,
I made my last online flight in 2017. After 6 years :slightly_smiling_face: I want to come back to the world of simulated aviation. Unfortunate I have found that A LOT has changed.
-Squakbox, does not work. I searched and the replacement is Vpilot, ok.
-Servinfo does not work any more
-VROUTE not work anymore. It was an ESENTIAL TOOL, who I used to export my flight plan to iFly 737 NG, AND to fill the flight plan to Vatsim, all at the same time.

I have the same question as the initiator of this thread (after I have spent couple hours searching on internet): What route planning toll is advised to use, one who CAN export the route for FMC for a wide range of aicrafts, can fill the flight plan to Vatsim and check events and controllers that are online.
I would be VERY grateful for your support EVEN if they are separate tools, or maybe to tell how YOU handle this issued about

  4. and WHERE are online controllers.
    Thank you in advance and looking forward to fly again.

Hello Cristian, and welcome back!

This is likely better suited as a separate topic, instead of a reply to an existing one which falls slightly outside of the original intent of the post.

I’m sure there are people happy to help you with what you need there!

Cristian, welcome back. Mats is correct, hijacking someone else’s thread isn’t always the best. But I offer the following suggestions.

  1. ROUTE PLANNING: Lots of sites. Simbrief is likely most popular. Often gives good routes, but not always, so don’t be surprised if ATC issues a different route, especially departures and arrivals.
  2. EXPORT ROUTE TO FMC: Simbrief
  4. and WHERE are online controllers. Dozens of tools. The ones I use most often are VATSpy (if you liked Servinfo, you’ll love VATSpy) or for online,

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I made a new topic to support/software forum. Please forgive my mistakes, I am on this forum for the first time and I must acomodate to use it.

No worries at all! Welcome!