Are there any good countries with visitor controller?

hello. I obtained my S2 qualification about 2 months ago and am currently undergoing OJT for my S3 qualification.
I’m tired of Japan. I want to work as a visitor controller in another country.
Are there any good countries?

South Korea has some awesome visitor opportunities if you’re looking to try somewhere new. Lots of busy airspace around Seoul and they have a really active Vatsim community. Could be a nice change of scenery from Japan.

You might also check out this tourism guide for some info on Korea - It could give you a better idea of what the country is like.

Hello Furukawa,
there are indeed a lot of places you can visit as an S2, I’ll list a few here.

  • VATWA (Certain Subdivisions)
    and a lot more. If you need any more information I believe you can find it on the division’s respective websites.