Are Controllers able to see flight remarks included in a flight plan over the last couple of weeks?

              I hope this message finds all well. 
              I'm sure most are probably familiar with myself and a couple of others within the BVI community. For those who would like to find out more you can find out more information at
              This being said, for those who are familiar with us you may know that we include what controllers can expect in the flight remarks section of the flight plan. It seems like in the last couple of weeks, controllers are unable to view these remarks, however they clearly show up fine when looking through vat stats, such as in these flights. I know a COs ground controller said they were blank flying out a couple of days ago. 
              I would be curious if any updates have been pushed on the radar scope side, and to notify that this has become an issue for scopes at least in the US and Canada.
              Any insight is most appreciated, and thanks to all who have served us now and in the future.

There has been some gremlins in the system for several weeks.

There was an update to the way flight plans are processed in North America a couple weeks ago and that may be causing some pertinent remarks to be stripped. Sounds like a fix is in the works.