Apologize to Athens Radar

Today I twice missed the approach on Athens. I wish to apologize to the ATC controller who tried to vector me in twice. The first time i did not descent as requested. The reason is that i had set my speed to low, and autopilot refused to descend. The second approach i failed to hit LOC and APP after I was cleared ILS. I was wrongfully awaiting a new heading direction. The ATC controller understandably got a bit unnerved and told me: “I do not understand you, do from now on what you want”, and stopped guiding me. So I learned again as a new pilot from this. I take flying on ATC very seriously, and by this route my apologies to the ATC controller of Athens Radar for not having followed the instructions due to beginners mistake.

Hand fly the plane,hand flying is easy and fun…

Hi Steven,

I like that you take flying with ATC very seriously, and you accepted responsibility for the incident that occurred.

I’m curious about your post. What were the beginner mistakes that you made, and what did you learn as a new sim pilot from this incident?

I suggest to make a notice (free text field) in your simbrief fpl “Beginner on Vatsim” or “Vatsim Newbie” e.g. “Asking for Controller support/patience”.
Or tell them over voice.
That help a lot to get the right controller mindset for you.

And don’t be angry, if a controller asks you to disconnect if an airspace is too busy to handle your beginner action.
These requests are rare and are part of the learning process.
Some day you will be experienced enough to handle even busy event airspaces !!
Have fun and enjoy.

Hi Tim,

On this occurance I learned that when ATC says “Cleared ILS21”, you can click localizer and approach and catch the glide slope. Then contact tower and say “Final approach RWAY 21” :wink:

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Good information. Always continue to learn and practice, including abnormal situations. Eventually those skills with become part of your muscle-memory and you’ll handle them like a pro.