API-Call: RequestConnect missing OBS-Mode


in the API-Call “RequestConnect” there are only 3 params available:

  • callsign, typeCode, selcalCode

Can you please add there the param, to connect as OBS?

I never thought anyone would want to use a plugin to connect in OBS mode. Why do you want to do that?

Because i now have two times connected me live direct on the runway during development of the plugin, because the OBS mode is missing :slight_smile:

I think the answer there is to do your development while parked somewhere other than on the runway. :rofl:

:rofl: This is one way - but if you develop a plugin, who is to select the correct station, based on the (re)position the aircraft (to gates, airports etc.) it is really “risky” to do that, if you connected live to vatsim :slight_smile:

For this cases the observer-mode is perfectly …

Huh? I don’t understand what you’re saying.

i wrote a plugin, who find out the ATC-Station based on the aircraft position. so i have to switch several times the ACC position on the same airport (e.g. different gates), switch to different airports and of course it must also works on the taxiways, Runway etc. (e.G. after a short network disconnect/reconnect).

This is all no problem to test, if i can use the OBS-Mode - in live mode i have actually to inform the ATC in advanced, what will happen in the next few minutes :slight_smile:

But completely independent from my case, if i develope something, it would be nice to do that in a “not live” environment (Vatsim = OBS). So i can do what i want, without impact anything/anyone.

Why do you need to connect on a runway or taxiway? That’s what I don’t understand.

My plugin will automatic reconnect if the connection is loss. The determine of the right ATC-Station is also necessary if there is a reconnect on the taxiway/runway/air.
To test this, i can manually connect as OBS … but if simulate a server-disconnect, the next auto reconnect will be not more in OBS-Mode.

But this “feature-request” is not only for me. The API-Call is only for vPilot-Plugins, and only for developers. And developers should not be develope in a live environment, so i really not understand, why the OBS-Param is missing :slight_smile:

Please don’t do auto-reconnect. Other pilot clients have had that feature and it is incredibly annoying if the disconnect was intentional by a SUP.

Anyway, I don’t have a problem with adding observer mode support for the connect API. I just didn’t understand your reasoning for connecting on a runway. Now I do, and I hope you will reconsider building an auto-reconnect function for the reasons I stated above.

Besides, if the pilot loses the connection, they will already be with the appropriate ATC station at the point the connection is lost.

Because Ross says no

Good point! It is possible to reliable detect (over the api) the reason of a disconnect? e.g. if a SUP do it? Then I can handle it correct …

No, it is not … I can’t have it differentiate between a SUP kick and a simple connection loss.