Any way to ignore live weather (MSFS)?

Hi. Is there any way to use clear weather instead of live weather (bad weather) when using MSFS2020 with VATSIM? It seems that weather, in MSFS2020, cannot be changed any time I want to connect to VATSIM.

I am practicing GA flight in good conditions.

Thank you.

Hmm, the weather in MSFS is completely independent from your connection to VATSIM. So, once you have loaded your flight, select the weather icon and switch off “live weather”. You should be careful, though, because for flights on VATSIM you are required to use at least real winds, air pressure and temperature:

B13 Pilots are encouraged to utilize current real-world weather at all
times. Pilots must utilize at least the following current, real-world
weather parameters throughout all phases of flight:

(a) Winds
(b) Pressure
(c) Temperature

Source: Code of Conduct

In essence, after de-selecting “live weather” in MSFS, at least manually configure the local QNH/altimeter setting, prevailing winds and the temperature. You’ll be good to go then.

Though MSFS makes it near impossible to comply with B13 unless you are using full live weather as you can’t specify live values for certain parameters and custom values for others (not sure of ActiveSky for MSFS has that option maybe?) - you could of course constantly modify your winds/temperature based on winds aloft data, but that seems like a very tedious option.

The reason for B13 is to make it possible for controllers to reasonably space/separate aircraft with speed/level instructions, so it’s primarily important for IFR and you should usually be fine with setting your weather based on the latest METAR for the nearest airport if you are just flying relatively close to the ground in classes G, F, or E, but once you move into airspaces where VFR traffic may get level or speed instructions (D and above - though if you’re just flying circuits, you will rarely encounter them) or fly IFR, the above paragraph will be basically impossible to escape.
Although I want to add: the world is large and you can find almost any weather condition at any given point in time somewhere, particularly common ones like “good conditions”, so it may ultimately be easier to just find someplace that has roughly your preferred conditions and fly there than constantly fiddle around with a bunch of weather factors. As you seem to fly in the US, you will have more than enough real estate where basically the same rules apply, so you don’t even have to worry about different rules/procedures as would often be the case in Europe, e.g. :smiley:

You can always and easily setup manual weather in MSFS. Have a look at the METAR(s) of the area that you are flying in, define pressure, approximate wind directions and speeds and the temperature. Done.

Does it correctly calculate winds at altitude then? I rarely used the custom weather stuff, but if I remember correctly, the wind would remain at that direction and strength regardless of level unless you set up multiple wind layers for different levels for which you then again would have to use winds aloft data in order to make sure you have the correct winds and temperature.

You can set different winds at different altitudes. I’d say that I would disable “live weather” only when I want to fly VFR and the weather is not nice enough. Otherwise I’d not switch live weather off.