Announcement: Update to Tower View Connection

In accordance with the VATSIM Code of Conduct update in section C7(b) , one additional connection has been approved for controllers on the VATSIM Network as an observer using the towerview functionality of an approved pilot client. This additional connection shall be for the sole purpose of connecting a flight simulator to the network to provide an air traffic control tower view.


  1. Update Your vPilot Client: Please ensure that vPilot client is updated latest version to fully support this new functionality.

  2. Connecting to server: To establish your connection, you can now directly connect as an observer by using the .towerview command within your pilot client. Simply type β€œ.towerview,” and your callsign will automatically be set to β€œ(CID)_TV.” For instance, if your VATSIM CID is 123456, your callsign will be 123456_TV .


This observer connection is intended exclusively for towerview functionality. You will not be able to interact with other VATSIM users on the network using this connection. If interaction with other users is required, you should use your regular ATC client connection. And don’t worry if someone tries to send you a message in observer connection; an automatic response will be generated, informing them that you are unable to receive their message in this mode and advising them to contact you via a regular ATC connection.

xPilot/Swift Update
We are also delighted to share that xPilot will be introducing a similar feature in the near future, and Swift will be following suit.

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