Am I good to play? Planes shown outside airport, off taxiways, all over the place

Hi, Im a new member, do any of you have any experience with something like this?

Im using stock FSX SE, am I ok to fly with default scenery? I have not found documentation on this

I have connected as observer a few times and I have noted the following

-I see planes parked and taxing out of the airport perimeter and into grass/houses etc

-This was at Berlin Brandeburg airport, cross referencing with google maps shows that there is no terminal or apron in 2023 in the location I saw the planes in (south of both runways)

Fearing that connecting might cause runway incursions even if I showed myself on the apron, I refrained from doing so

Today I have connected to the luxemburg airport (as ‘OPS 3’, a ground vehicle doing a runway inspection, kudos to the controller for playing along) and asked for feedback to the controller and I have found the following

-The taxiway signs on my screen MOSTLY match what the controller sees

-The controller reports seeing me slightly north of the location I show myself in

-After running the whole lenght of the runway, I am reported being slightly north of centerline on both runway ends. This seems to exclude magnetic declination (stock scenery from 2006) as the cause of the problem

-I see other traffic as taxing onto the grass, east and south of its reported position

-The controller reports my taxi/drive back to the GA apron as ‘good’

-I have no indication whatsoever of gates/stands and I would rely on charts that often do not match what I see in my sim

-I have then connected to KORD as observer and… It seems fine? Planes parked at gates and landing on runways

Given all of this, am I still good to play? Are these issues circumventable or allowed as “Sim-ism” or would they be too disruptive to others’ environment?

The world FSX package documentation states that, despite being able to update navdata to current AIRAC, it would not change airport layouts, so I do not know how I could solve this

Yes, this is generally fine. I would however advise - particularly with such an old sim - to carefully check what you have in your sim against current charts for the airport as it’s very likely that your scenery is outdated (potentially missing entire runways or aprons, having a different taxiway layout, etc.) which could make it hard for ATC to work you in, especially if it’s a bit busier.

Since you are using FSX:SE: does that use the same default scenery as the original FSX does? If so (or maybe even if not), it could also simply be a change like the one mentioned above. Berlin-Brandenburg is a very new airport that was only opened in 2020 and its Northern runway is the old Southern runway of Berlin-Schönefeld; could it be possible that you are seeing Berlin-Schönefeld in your simulator and are misinterpreting it as Berlin-Brandenburg (both airports have/had the ICAO code EDDB and two parallel runways, but Schönefeld was located a bit further to the North).

Be careful with that as CoC A13 expressly forbids connecting to the network as a ground vehicle.

Oh, my apologies! I must have missed that rule, sorry, won’t do it again

And you are correct I was indeed looking at Schoenefeld as I just put in EDDB! Thank you so much for pointing that out

From what I gathered I should be fine if I get
good AFCAD files from add on websites, to get the new TWYs and RWYs
up to date taxi charts to match
the current magdec and navdata from World P3D/FSX
a current AIRAC cycle from Navigraph for my 737 NGX to have the correct instrument procedures -and get charts while at it

Man I hope I can eventually just save up for a MSFS-capable PC instead

Thank you so much for your help!