Aircraft type code for cargo?

Hello all.
I have checked around but haven’t found anything related. I use P3Dv4,5 and vPilot and wonder if there is something/somewhere I should put into vPilot to let ATC know that I am a cargo aircraft? This is mostly for the controller that will assign me a parking spot, could be GND, but also APP or TWR when “top-down” is in use.
Or should I just keep it simple and tell the controller that would need to know when making contact i.e KLM cargo 503, etc…?

Cheers :slight_smile:

you can put that into your remarks (RMK/CARGO or similar), other than that just ask for taxi to a cargo position once on the GND.

Pretty obvious, now that you mention it… :grin: Somehow I didn’t think of that, but thank you for the reminder! :slight_smile:

I do a reasonable amount of non-passenger flights, generally when exiting the runway after landing I’ll say something like “WGA7123, vacated on G, looking for southern cargo!” Or a bay number. It gives ATC a clue.

Thank you for the tip Sean, that would get me where I want :slight_smile:

Hello Guys ,
I know its maybe not the right place but I ask anyway. On Vpilot in FSX we use to see other name company and flight number above and now with MSFS its not possible ? OR should I do something for it ? I flew the other day and was not able to see a plane on the ground and I ran to it upsetting the other pilot :(.
Thank you so much.