Aircraft Sounds in MSFS are constantly loud, include the N1/N2 variables from the user planes in vPilot like FSTL does

When connecting to Vatsim, I’ve noticed that the audio for user planes can be quite loud, as vpilot does not currently reduce engine thrust values (N1/N2). However, the recently introduced FSTL models have done an excellent job in addressing this issue since the last update.

As a Vatsim user, I would like to inquire whether there are any plans to support the N1 and N2 variables in the future, which would greatly enhance the audio experience by providing more realistic engine sounds. It would be much appreciated if Vatsim could consider implementing these variables for a more immersive experience.


Absolutely, I would be a big fan of that.

Like you said, the VATSIM network does not currently support the transmission of N1 values of a users plane over the network, and as a result, all aircraft sound like they are at takeoff thrust.

Very sad.

I’ve made a few inquiries, and sent a few emails, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

If the calls for this feature, which should have been long implemented, grow louder and larger, maybe we get a response by VATSIM.


Please add me to the list of people calling for this feature! I recently installed FSLTL and unfortunately it completely prevents me from using .towerview in vPilot due to the new loudness of the aircraft at the airport as a result. Very disappointing.

Hopefully VATSIM takes note.

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Is there anything in the works?

I wish this got more votes and attention. Is there a reason why they don’t include this? Transmitting and receiving a few more parameters per airplane won’t kill performance , would it?

Please remember that the developers are volunteers that prioritize fixes, improvements, etc., and work on development/updates on their own time, while also juggling family, work/school, other commitments, etc.

What about a step towards a solution with a simplistic implementation. Probably the most rudimentary logic possible:
on-ground and airspeed < 25kts = Idle sound
any other case - take-off thrust (as today)
Very embryonic 20/80 solution that at least will cover the glaring cases of unrealistic takeoff engine sounds…

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