Aircraft correspondence

Hello, I am under MSFS FS2020 and very often use Vpilot to fly. But for several months, I have a problem with the recognition of other planes. I’m not asking Vpilot to display exactly the liveries of other aircraft around me but to at least display the aircraft model when I own this aircraft. And especially for the basic planes of FS2020 like the Bonanza or the 930. We are a group of 12 pikotes flying under Fs2020 with the native planes and liveries of MSFS. It’s rare if not to say never that we see ourselves with the right model of airplane. I did research on the net. I did find modelmatching files but none solved this problem. My question is “Why Vpilot can’t find a match between the planes of 2 pilots who fly with the same Fs2020 native plane”. If you can help me???

vPilot doesn’t have any idea which model other pilots are flying. That information is not sent over the network. Model matching is done based on your callsign and aircraft type. You will want to make a custom VMR file to do what you want. Instructions are on the vPilot web site.

thank you for your answer but I wonder because under P3D or FSX, I did not need to create a VMR file to see my friends flying around me with planes native to Fsx or P3D. No problem of correspondence because all the pilots had these planes since native of Fsx or P3D. According to your answer under fs2020, I have to create a VMR file even for the native planes of Fs2020!!! I’m surprised because if this is the case I guess I’m not the first to make this request and think that such a file would be on the net … which is not the case. To advance in my concern, I will try to create this VMR file with the information found. Thanks anyway for responding.

Good morning. Not at all obvious to create a VMR file. Especially since very often it turns out to be incomplete so we spend our time modifying it.
I’m still surprised because a few months ago I didn’t need a VMR file to see other planes. The only condition was that the pilot during his connection put the type code of the plane.
Moreover, either I had the plane but not the livery and Vpilot showed me the correct plane model, or I had the plane and the livery and I had the plane and the correct livery in sight, or I did not have not the plane (so not the livery) and Vpilot shows me the default model §§§

Now, given the non-matches with the VMR files found or manufactured, I put the default model “Airbus A320 Neo Asobo” and Vpilot displays A320s around me (super) but all white!!! Not even the basic neo asobo livery §§§

In short, I despair of finding a correct or almost correct airplane environment by flying on the network!!!

Hi, that helped me a lot:


thanks for your help but i know this and even installed it. It brings an excellent correspondence but only for the liners. No connection for small planes (bonanza, cessna 172, etc…).