Air New Zealand Is Hiring!

Hey everyone!, If you have not seen already there was a new program released into alpha a couple months ago i have been playing around with it and have found the limited and basic features currently implemented are so much better than any I have used before, I have been part of a few other VA’s in my time and this makes it simple and effective to run a realistic style VA without too much overhead stress and struggle. This makes it actually enjoyable to be a part of.

Either way you can download and see for yourself if you like it or not and remember it is still only in alpha stage but looks very promising.

Now… The reason for the post is i have created an Air New Zealand Replica VA, That will have all the planes and routes that the real ANZ have as well as any planes you request and routes you want to fly. This is a full realism career based VA so it will take time to purchase everything currently in the fleet is a A330-9, A321, B787-10, ATR72-6 With the possibly to purchase another few straight away. The main objective is to have fun and create a purpose to flying around. There are no restrictions set on any aircraft so you can fly what you want where you want straight away.

I think this will grow into one of the better VA Programs/Acars systems

Here is the website so you can check out flyLAT

And if you wish to join Air New Zealand my username on there is KiwiAir i believe there is 2 or 3 other ANZ’s on there but they seem inactive

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Air New Zealand VA,

No T7s in the fleet? I’d consider if you had a T7.

Update, We have purchased a 777-3ER

I don’t understand the system or the Operations Model. Why do you need to buy an aircraft model someone else wants to fly?