AFV Different Device/Volume for Secondary Frequencies


I think we’ve all been waiting for this for more than 4 years now.
We all love to listen to our instructors controlling to see how it is to be controlling higher positions. Furthermore, I’m sure that instructors would be more than happy to be able to listen to us students and control without having people on our frequencies constantly talking and disturbing their peace whilst they attempt to do their sequencing. I would enjoy being able to listen in on others and just see how they’re doing whilst being able to hear my pilots when they transmit on my frequency.
So what does everyone think, maybe it’s time we “revolt” towards this change? I know I am not the only one that’s been waiting years for this, lets get the Audio For Vatsim devs to work and get all of this done once and for all. I know it can’t be too hard to do, maybe hard enough to scare those who would want to try, but I’m sure that after years of development of AFV, the devs aren’t scared of anything.

I definitely support the idea of being able to route different transceivers to different audio devices, but keep in mind that all of the work done on this network is done solely by volunteers. AFV was a massive undertaking that brought an incredible level of realism to the network–and I paid nothing for it.

I don’t know if this is conjecture or not, but if you do actually know that this isn’t too hard to do, I’m sure the tech team would love to have additional volunteers for projects such as this. As for me, I don’t know the first thing about programming.

Once thing I can say for certain, is that this is not the way to go about requesting a feature for a product. As Dustin stated, all of our developers are volunteers and donate their time and expertise. Even if VATSIM was a paid network (which it never will be) and developers were not volunteers, the tone of this post especially for what is most certainly a non-priority feature, does not help the network in furtherance of any positive development whatsoever.

Did not want to make it seem that way, sorry if the tone I took made it seem that way. I was trying to put in a straightforward word for a change because we’ve all been waiting so long for this change and I’m sure that every single one of us would die for this feature to be put in as it was in the past. I understand and cheer for all the volunteers who brought advancement to, not only this project, but vatsim as well, I’m very grateful for every single person involved in its development. I’m trying to make a proposition with the intent to ignite this project to a start. We constantly have made the suggestion and we’re always told “it will be done in future updates” and that dates of 4 years. I personally find a huge advantage to this feature as I hate not being able to hear my own frequency when other frequencies are transmitting. I tried my best to make this a very straightforward post that goes straight to the point and is simple.

Sorry again for the tone and the confusion, I assure you I have no intent in insulting anyone or any bad intentions, I’ve tried my best in a very short paragraph to bring a complete idea.

Hello fellas, I’ve managed to find a temporary solution for those who are interested, however there’s a little problem im trying to fix. So, I’ve managed to run 2 instances of AFV using an application called “Sandboxie” to run the first instance, and then by running the second instance as I would usually through the start menu / shortcut. One slight problem I’m running into, it seems like audio for vatsim is detecting the dual connection leading to one of the instances reconnecting, then a moment later the other instance will reconnect, then the first, second, first, etc. So you end up disconnecting/reconnecting the entire duration of your session.

Now the good side of thish is that you can manage the different volumes that you want on the different instances using the volume mixer. What I’ve done is I prime my frequency on the first one, and then on my second instance I unprime it and just receive any frequency I wish to listen to.

Now the question is, would anyone possibly know a fix to this issue, maybe a way to trick AFV so it stops reconnecting constantly?

Thanks in advance!

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Quick update, it seems like both instances use the same port which is causing the conflict, still have no idea how I’d proceed. I installed the open source code and I’m looking into it, also I’ll get in contact eventually with justin shannon to see if he could possibly give me an insight. Also, would anyone by chance have some sort of contact info to get in touch with Justin?

AFV was not designed for that type of operation. Please be aware that dual connections are not permitted by the Code of Conduct.

well, there is a backend check to see if there is an active connection before AFV allows you to connect, that’s probably why you keep getting the reconnections. This also means that you won’t be able to trick it

Well it isn’t a dual connect considering AudioForVATSIM doesn’t connect to VATSIM directly but instead to Euroscope’s proxy server, so there will always be 1 connection into the network… Same as connecting a second Euroscope instance.

I know nothing about the interface between ES and AFV. If AFV is integrated with and connecting through ES, is there a chance that the ES development team can implement this feature? Have you reached out to them?

The AFV client connects directly to VATSIM’s AFV server. The AFV client does not connect via an ATC client proxy.