AFV Core Server Denied Request

Hi everyone,

This evening, I tried to log on to VATSIM for a GND session at KIAD. When trying to log on to Audio For Vatsim under the callsign IAD_GND (already connected to the network through my controller client), I get the following error:

Error connecting to voice server: POST api/vi/users/(my vatsim ID)/callsigns/IAD_GND failed (InternalServerError - “Core server denied request”)

Does anyone know how I can fix this? I’ve tried reinstalling AFV, restarting my PC, refreshing my AFV settings, etc and nothing seems to work. This issue randomly popped up for me today, never had an issue like this before.


Unless I’m confusing two different errors here, this occurs when someone is already logged in to AfV with that callsign.
Or to phrase it differently: someone was logged on as IAD_GND previously, then logged off, but forgot to close their AfV. Connecting with a different login (e.g. IAD_1_GND or so) is the easiest way to fix this issue, but you might also want to shoot the person who was on before you a message to remind them to close their AfV.