Add ctafs for orig and dest to your auto atc assigned squawk?

someone mentioned this on reddit

segelfliegerpaul 12 points 4 hours ago
vPilot has the .ctaf command

Why can’t we automate this together with the AUTO ATC. Just add a small >reminder that CTAF exists now and which frequency to use, if we have the >automated squawk message anyways.

could it just spit out the ctafs for your airports as well as your squawk?

Not a bad idea, but it would require having the server make a web API call, waiting for the response, and then sending the message to the pilot. I’m not sure I want to add that complexity and external dependency. Currently the server doesn’t have to make any web API calls at all. I’ll think about it, though. Perhaps the message could include a link to the VATSIM AIP page for the airport.

I’m also not sure that it should show the CTAF for your destination, even if no ATC is currently covering the destination airport, because by the time you get there, that might change.

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Which clients can i use the .ctaf KDOV on? Seems I’m having no luck at all.

I believe it’s just vPilot currently. It’s working fine for KDOV for me currently.

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