Account disabled for invalid personal information

Hello, my name is Mohammed Elbaheiri,i am not sure if this is the right place to ask but, i got disconnected in middle of flight and when i checked the email, i received notification from vatsim data base telling me that i did not put the correct information on the client, and the reason of that is because i foolishly put a whole different name on the client that did not match with the one that in (my

Now normally i would make an appeal to such action, so i submitted one and only one ticket regarding to the topic, but heres the problem, in the beginning of 2022 i signed up using my my first and middle name, (i did not put the last name).

So i came here to ask you guys, espesially the staff this question?
Is there a chance to get my accout enabled again?
And another question that is important, can i change my information to match with my IRL personal documents?

That sounds like something membership should be able to sort out for you.
Send them a ticket via explaining the situation :slight_smile:

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I already did that right after i received the email about contacting membership department, i just wanna hope that staff look into my case and answer my question

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You will not get the reply you’re seeking from a staff member through this forum. All they will tell you is what I already told you, namely that you need to talk to membership.

Lars is correct. Membership will handle it in due time and respond to you. :slight_smile:

How long do they take to respond?


As Mats has mentioned, the Membership Team will handle this for you in due time, and help you through the process.