ABQ Center (4/18/24) Inconvenience

Pretty disappointing interaction with an ABQ Center controller just now this evening… said controller (whose name I didn’t pick up) signed on and I made the initial call up and was acknowledged. Was reading this guy 3/5 not too bad. A message was sent presumably at the same timeframe of my initial callup which was acknowledged (on my end) with no response from ABQ.

Flash forward about an hour (said ABQ controller maybe worked a grand total of 3 airplanes in that time span), I get a rather salty and rude handoff stating in text I was ignoring multiple transmissions (said ABQ CNTR controller even went so far as to say he sent messages too; none of which existed either on the public chat in vpilot or via private).

Real sloppy work there brother… it makes me more irate because this guy wasn’t busy at all, he was just looking to be a pain.

Other controllers please don’t be like this, it’s terrible.

Could it be possible you were not on the correct frequency at some stage and missed his voice or text coms? Most controllers these days dont follow or respond to PMs. Just a thought.