A question for veteran vatsim members

Hiya everyone, I made this because i have a serious question that i need a awnser to. I have just joined vatsim 5 days ago and passed the test thing you have to do but i am still worried about doing my first vatsim flight i have around 500 hours in msfs and my main concern is messing up while on the network and just wonderd how bad it would be if i did mess up. i know alot about the planes i fly however there is some things that still take alot of time to register in my head so yeah if i were to mess up how bad would it be ?

Short answer - we all mess up a little on occasion. Many people mess up on their first few flights. Good news - nobody dies. Don’t worry about it! Start out slowly, find a smaller airport with ATC and just a few (or no) flights so it’s not crazy busy for you and the controller, and just do it! Do that for your first few flights and build up confidence.

For a much longer read through hundreds of posts saying largely the same thing, including individual experiences: To the newbie - First Time Jitters - General Discussion - VATSIM Community


Welcome to VATSIM. No turning back now, lol. EVERYBODY and I mean everybody has first, second, third time jitters. I have been on VATSIM for a couple of decades and I’m still learning and making mistakes. Start slow and low as Don said. To break the ice, start talking into your mic while not on VATSIM and announce your positions/intensions. Get used to hearing yourself speak into a mike.

I’d also suggest looking out for a VATSIM First Wings event so you can get used to flying on the network with patient ATC.

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