[6th July 2024] Cross the Land: Americas 2024

Cross the Land is happy to introduce/present our second edition of Cross The Lands : Americas! On July 6th 2024, depart on a journey, either North or South, and arrive at a field of your choice! Almost 800 Slots available!

:date: Date & Time: July 6th 2024 12:00z 17:00z

Departing Airports

  • :dominican_republic: Las Americas DR (MDSD)
  • :dominican_republic: Punta Cana (MPDC)
  • :costa_rica: Juan Santamaria Costa Rica (MROC)
  • :mexico: Cancun (MMUN)
  • :mexico: Benito Juarez Mexico (MMMX)
  • :guatemala: La Aurora (MGGT)
  • :antigua_barbuda: Antigua (TAPA)

Arriving Airports

  • :canada: Vancouver (CYVR)
  • :canada: Winnipeg (CYWG)
  • :us: Chicago (KORD)
  • :us: John F Kennedy (KJFK)
  • :us: Phoenix (KPHX)
  • :ecuador: Quito (SEQM)
  • :peru: Lima (SPJC)
  • :venezuela: Vargas Venezuela (SVMI)
  • :brazil: Manaus Brazil (SBEG)

Bookings Available from July 2nd 2024 0000z until July 4th 2024 2359z. Booking Confirmations must be completed by July 4th 2024 1600z or slot released. Book your slots here!