24 Hours of VATSIM, can't seem to find a list of event legs

Hey all,

So I’m not sure if I’m missing something super obvious here, and if I am, my apologies in advance for spamming the forum.
I’m trying to find a list of all the legs for the upcoming 24 Hours of VATSIM event on March 4th so that I can decide for which one I’d like to try get a slot, however I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
Even the newly launched site for the event, 24hov.vatsim.net, only shows the same generic description for each one of the 10 flights.
I’m guessing that maybe there’s an image on the site showing the routes on a map or something, however as I’m actually fully blind I wouldn’t be able to see that unfortunately.

Therefore, I’m wondering if someone could very kindly either paste the list of city pairs in here, or point out to me where that list can be found?

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!

These are the routes:

NZAA (Auckland) > YSSY (Sydney)

YSSY (Sydney) > WIII (Jakarta)

ZSPD (Shangai) > VVTS (Ho Chi Min) - WSSS (Singapore)

VIDP (Delhi) > OBBI (Bahrain) - OERK (Riyadh)

LTFM (Istanbul) > EGCC (Manchester) - EGNT (Newcastle)

GMMN (Casablanca) > EDDF (Frankfurt)

GOBD (Dakar) - GOOY (Dakar) > SBRF (Recife) - SBFZ (Fortaleza)

KATL (Atlanta) > TNCM (St. Marteen) - TJSJ (San Juan) - TFFF (Martinique)

MMMX (Mexico City) - MMGL (Guadalajara) > KLAX (Los Angeles) - KSFO (San Francisco)

KIAH (Houston) > CYVR (Vancouver) - CYYJ (Victoria)


Thanks a ton for the list, much appreciated!
Happy flying :slight_smile: