200ms+ Server ping

Hey, I’m from Chinese Mainland. I often used SINGAPORE server before it closed, and now I use USA_WEST, which is the fastest connection, but there’s still over 200ms ping. There’s lag between me and controllers. Radio check often 2 by 5.
Is there anybody in the same situation as I do? Any ways to overcome it?

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The only thing I can suggest is to use another server. I’ll put it this way. I’m in Sacramento, CA, which is 90 minutes from San Francisco, where the USA-WEST server is. Currently I’m seeing almost the most amount of users on it compared to all of the other servers (only the USA-EAST server currently has more users on it), even though I’m getting a faster response time from it.

Normally when I see servers with the most users on, If possible, I’ll avoid that server as it is carrying the most load, and connect to a lesser used server. Right now, I’d use the CANADA server as I’m getting just as good ping times than I am with USA-EAST, and it’s located closer to the USA-EAST server.

However, where you are located, it is six in one hand, 1/2 a dozen in another for distance between the USA-WEST server and either server in Germany. I’d try one of those and see if you get similar results.


Thanks, I’m still using USA_WEST for its fastest response (faster than yesterday, it’s not that stable)

Sometimes, however, fastest != best. If you’re looking for stability, a server possibly further away may get you better results. When I was close to USA-W when it was running, it was closer, but so bogged down from everyone connecting to it that I would connect to the OCEANIA server when it was running, which was in Sydney, Australia. It was obviously further away from me, but the connection was a lot more stable, with no noticeable lag from response times. That may work for you here.


Also note that the Audio is not affected by the FSD server you’re connected to. AFV uses a different connection, to a different server. If you’re having audio issues, it’s likely something else, like an unstable connection/package loss