[14-Aug-23] Skybound Skardu Adventure

  • :date: Date: 14th August
  • :alarm_clock: Departure Time (Zulu): 1400z
  • :clock3: Estimated Flight Time: 3 hours

Get ready to soar through the virtual skies as AirlinkVirtual, in collaboration with Arabian vACC and VATSIM West Asia, presents an unforgettable event: the Skybound Skardu Adventure. This isn’t just a flight; it’s an exploration of scenic wonders and camaraderie among aviation enthusiasts like you.

Flight Details:

:earth_africa: Route: Dubai International Airport (OMDB) to Skardu Airport (OPSD)
:world_map: Route: IVURO M677 LALDO A791 KATUS M316 GOKSO M561 ASVIB G665 PG G325 ZB Z304 RN J186 KAGLO J122 BUNGI BIREB

Event Highlights: :sunrise_over_mountains: Scenic Marvels: Embark on an epic journey as we depart from the bustling Dubai and venture towards the stunning landscapes of Skardu. From city lights to serene mountains, this flight offers a feast for the eyes.

:handshake: Unity in Flight: Join hands with AirlinkVirtual, Arabian vACC, and VATSIM West Asia for a collaborative experience that brings together the best aviators in the region. It’s a celebration of our shared love for aviation.

:star2: ATC Assistance: Enjoy a realistic flight experience with top-notch ATC services provided throughout the route, ensuring a safe and smooth journey for all participants.

:confetti_ball: Virtual Airline Connection: Haven’t joined AirlinkVirtual yet? Now is the perfect time! Immerse yourself in the world of virtual aviation by joining AirlinkVirtual. Sign up today at https://airlinkvirtual.com/ and become a part of our passionate community.

:airplane: Extra Fuel & Offline After Landing: Prepare for potential holds by carrying extra fuel. After landing, consider going offline due to limited parking space. Alternative parking is available at OPIS.

:mega: Spread the Word: Help us make this event a soaring success! Share the news with your fellow virtual pilots, friends, and on social media to ensure the virtual skies are filled with excitement.

:tada: Join Us!:

  1. Save the date and time: 14th August, 1400z.
  2. Set up your flight simulator and VATSIM for a seamless experience.
  3. Meet us at Dubai International Airport (OMDB) for departure.
  4. Follow ATC instructions and experience the magic of Skardu’s arrival.
  5. Celebrate your successful flight with the virtual aviation community!

For more event details, updates, and to reserve your slot, visit the AirlinkVirtual website. Let’s come together on this remarkable journey, painting the virtual skies with the spirit of adventure and unity.

Adventure awaits - let’s make it legendary! :milky_way::small_airplane:

Going to be an amazing event. Skardu is a very beautiful and challenging approach.

looking forward to fly this thrilling approach :heart_eyes: and ofc a scenic flight