[05-AUG-23] Cross Africa 2023 - Southbound

Cross Africa is back!

VATSSA, Maghreb vACC and Egypt vACC invite all pilots to take part in this year’s edition of Cross Africa - Southbound on Saturday, August 5th 2023.

Starting at 0900z, you’ll be able to depart from either Casablanca (GMMN) or Cairo (HECA) on either a quick trip to Accra (DGAA) or Entebbe (HUEN).

But if you’re feeling inspired, you can also take the long haul challenge and fly all the way to Johannesburg (FAOR), with views of the continent, including the Sahara Desert, the Congo Basin, Lake Victoria, and much more to discover!

Expect a full day of ATC coverage across the continent and enjoy the beauty of Africa!

Slot Bookings (by origin - Opening 15th July):
Casablanca/Cairo: VATSSA Bookings
Entebbe/Accra: VATSSA Bookings

For pilots who want to keep up with the latest information regarding Cross Africa, feel free to join our discord server regarding Cross Africa: VATSIM Community Hub or https://vats.im/crossafrica-discord

In collaboration with simMarket and Gaffer Simulations, we will be holding a giveaway for this event. Full details of this giveaway can be found here: Giveaway T&Cs

Charts or Pilot Information:
GMMN - https://www.vatsim.ma or Casablanca - GMMN - Maghreb vACC Documentation
HECA - HECA - Cairo Intl. Airport < EGvACC - VATSIM Egyptian vACC
HUEN - huen-briefing [VATSSA eAIP]
DGAA - dgaa-briefing [VATSSA eAIP]
FAOR - https://chartfox.org/FAOR or faor-briefing [VATSSA eAIP]


We have run out our confirmation email over the last dew days, and those who did not respond have had their slots freed up. We now have a handful of slots remaining, so make sure to book them up!

At the time of writing:

VATSSA Bookings (22 remaining)
VATSSA Bookings (11 remaining)

Make sure to get your slots in if you wish to participate!