xPilot induced external audio has no level control

Hi Jason
When connecting with xPilot, I hear an external audio feed to my headphones.
This is overly loud and cannot be lowered in xPilot or X-Plane…
I don’t object, in fact would miss it if not there, but it is overpowering and is not lifelike given the external ambiance, when hearing other taxiing jets from inside the cockpit.
A volume slider would be beneficial if possible.
Thanks for all the great advances to date.

Hello Kevin,

When you mentioned “external audio feed”, what exactly are you referring to? I’m trying to understand what you’re describing.

I use xPilot with X-Plane, and the client is completely silent unless pilots and ATC are talking on the radio. In addition, I can hear aircraft engine sounds if another pilot/aircraft is connected online and near my aircraft with their engines running. But this is a setting that can be turned on and off in the xPilot interface.

Hey Tim
Thanks for your response.
Yes, I’m talking about the aircraft engine sounds from other connected users taxiing past.
Since posting I have discovered the interface inside the addons menu in sim.
I had previously only known the xPilot app Settings tab.
I have yet to experiment with it when online.
I see a volume slider, so I’m hopeful.
I still believe that the ambiance is external, rather than a more muted internal EQ.

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That’s good news, glad to hear you found the setting. :slightly_smiling_face:

I leave my xPilot engine setting enabled, but the volume is turned down to 15%. This allows me to hear the engine sound in the background, and still hear ATC communications clearly.

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I have the same issue, when the engines are not started I don’t hear anything, but when I start the engines I hear a background sound of engines. But when I switch off the sound in XP12 background sound is still there. Within Xplilot in the settings using the sliders of COM1 and COM2 does not help. With Swift I don’t have this issue, but I prefer Xplilot. Flying Toliss A320. Disable Realististic Radio effects and Allow aircraft radiostack volume knobs to control. Does not help either. I can not hear ATC so loud is the sound.