vPilot data enforcement / use without sim

Hello altogether,

as the title already says I’m searching for ways on how to cap the connection between vPilot and MSFS.
Now this may seem counterintuitive at first, the reason why I’m searching for such ways is to be able to use aircraft that aren’t fitted with a radio stack / having only one
(I wish to use the B-247d from Wing42).

There’s a nice “Remote-Control” for vPilot and MSFS from daveblack ( GitHub - daveblackuk/VSR: Vatsim Radio (VSR) - MSFS 2020 toolbar app for VATSIM).

Maybe there’s a plugin for vPilot that allows it to enabled COM1 & COM2 as well as ignore every sim data.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Would using .com1 XXX.XXX, .com 1 and similar commands do the job for you? Documentation - vPilot - Pilot Client for VATSIM

Well, that sounds like a good starting point.
Going to try this out and report back :smiley:

So that is pretty much the issue. I can tell vPilot to transmit on com2 via “.com 2” but I’ve got no way to enable COM2 at first - since my aircraft doesn’t have it modelled.
I would need a command to ignore sim data and to manually overwrite the state of the com. For example a command like “.com enable ID”

What about .com both? According to that doc that Toggles receiving on both COM radios simultaneously.

Hehe, sounds like a nice trick at first, unfortunately doesn’t help …
As you can see I put “.com both” followed by a “.com 2” in order to switch over.
But I guess the limiting factor is the completely lacking 2nd radio in the simulator itself:
*media have to be split up (new user limitation), see next post

Hence, I’m searching for a way to disconnect vPilot and the simulator and instead “cheat” the radio to be one even though it doesn’t actually exists.

But thanks for the ideas you provided to me