Two problems when trying to use VATSIM on msfs with vpilot

Hi. For some reason when I try and communicate on vatsim using Vpilot my microphone will not transmit unless the window is on my screen infront of me (msfs minimized [not quite sure how to say it]). Many people have run into this same issue and everyone has said to run Vpilot with admin, however, when I try to run Vpilot with admin it then tells me that there’s no supported simulators detected even with MSFS running. I believe this is because MSFS is not installed on my administrator profile on my pc? But I don’t even know how I could have MSFS on both the admin and normal user account. If anybody knows a solution to either of these problems i’d really appreciate it as I am pretty much unable to use vatsim at all.

Did you install MSFS as an Administrator? If not, suggest you do that. Then, of course, run both MSFS and vPilot as an Administrator. I’m not an expert when it comes to Windows and Administrator stuff, but we seem to have hundreds of thousands of members that have gotten everything working smoothly by both installing and running their sim and vPilot as an Administrator.

Yeah turns out I wasnt signed into microsoft on my admin account, my bad