Special Thank to ATC for a job well done

As a radio operator in both the professional and amateur fields, it was none the less daunting to take the mike as it were in this completely new field (for me). It has taken several days of preparation to do a live ATC EGNT to EGGD, flying the EZY route with success (as an observer to the ATC), and today was the day. Only I found that the AIRAC route changed overnight with some undefined waypoints, that I had to program, deferring the flight plan, until I was confident. Thank you Will on LONDON-N and the tower at Bristol for a great flight (no wonder they call it Foggy Bottom) with low cloud and rain on arrival. Sadly I have only the basis scenery at Bristol, and there were light aircraft parked on both 22 and 23 , and the stands are not marked from the taxiway. Chris EZY54ZM (G4NAB)

Following my experience, I now discover that MSFS 2020 can be updated from Navigraph to AIRAC 2023 March. This makes it very simple to import the new flightplans from Simbrief with no mods required.

Make sure to leave your feedback directly with VATSIM UK via their website https://www.vatsim.uk/, that way the controllers will get the message for sure :wink: