Russian pilots using pro-war callsign over Kyiv before event

Two pilots with russian names listing russian airports as their home aerodrome are currently flying circles over Kyiv, Ukraine. That would be completely normal, however those two people are using “ZOV” as their airline code ( which afaik is not ICAO registered prefix ).

Proof 1 -

Proof 2 -

If you are interested in current Russian-Ukrainain war or you are from Russia, you very well know what those three letters represent and mean. It is widely used by pro-russian propaganda and in public spaces russian people use it to show support for current war ( or as they call it - special military operation ). Russian army uses those symbols on their tanks, trucks and other military equipment.

The timing and place of those two pilots is also not coincidence, because for today there is planned event in Kyiv:

Is this behaviour acceptable on VATSIM?

No, this is not acceptable. Instead of posting it here publicly, it would have been more appropriate to report this online to the VATSIM Supervisor team. You can do that by typing .wallop text-description and information.

If you prefer sending an email to the Supervisor team (not that quick), then send the above evidence to the VP Supervisors: Vice President - Supervisors

These two members have been or will be dealt with.


Hi, thanks for poiting out about email to supervisor team. I was not sure how to report when not connected to network because currently I am not in front of my PC. I have sent the email.

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I saw one of these a few months ago but didn’t make the connection.

I apologise @1535449 Pavel, on behalf of decent VATSIM members. This is truely disturbing that two individuals could deliberately choose to meet at that time in such a manner.