Rookie pilots New to Vatsim - List of patient ATCs

I hope that maybe we can have a list of patient ATCs. For the really new to Vatsim members. Possibly once or twice a week, in low key traffic areas. So veteran pilots aren’t screaming at rookies. I haven’t used Vatsim in months just for this reason. It would really help new members build confidence quicker also.

Look our for First Wings events where patient controllers help newbies.

The event rotates between continents each month.

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Is there a schedule out now? I see one in June, but is there a schedule for weekly?

This is sort of events are usually monthly; and as a controller myself we treat newbie pilots with great patience and we try to encourage them to learn & fly in the network provided that the pilot is also patient and has a learning & cooperative behaviour.

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Awesome, great to hear. As far as the flight plans go. Is SimBrief the goto, for getting a perfect (no errors) flight plan to the controllers.

usually simbrief is the perfect tool for flight planning

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Hello Rance!
Welcome to VATSIM! This week, there is an edition of the first wings event which will be taking place on the 11th of March 2023 from 1300 UTC. Do feel free to hop on your simulator to enjoy a flight between Ryhaid (OERK) and Dubai (OMDB). All the details about this months First Wings edition can be found here.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Great! Thank you. Wasn’t able to make that one, my schedule is now wide open. Warmer days now up here in Alaska, getting ready to finish up the PPL. Will be online on the sim, and Vatsim alot.

Hey Rance,

Welcome back! First Wings is definitely a good place to start. But I wanna talk more about rookie pilots being yelled at since no one addressed that. Just FYI, that is totally not tolerated. Please call for a Network Supervisor if that ever happens to you again, as VATSIM is a learning environment after all. The Code of Conduct does require users to be courteous and respectful, and to be patient with new users on the network. There are definitely better ways to handle such issues, but being yelled at is a big no-no.