[P3Dv5.3] SimConnect Error

I was part of the WorldFlight that started in YSSY yesterday. Standing at Gate 44A I got this error listed in the vPilot Message section “Operation_invalid_for_object_type 24”.

I restarted the PC but this did not help. Setting the “Maximum aircraft to display” from “999” to “5” sorted it out.

Any idea of the root cause?

After landing in YMML I set the value to “150” and the error was gone. Very strange…


Mostly just a guess, but probably your model matching chose a model for one of the nearby aircraft, and that model doesn’t support one of the functions that vPilot calls to modify the appearance of the model, such as lowering/raising the gear or flaps, or one of the lights, etc.

Reducing the number of displayed aircraft probably caused that model to not be shown anymore, thus eliminating the error.

Were you able to just ignore the error, or was it actually causing vPilot to crash?

The error came that frequent that the vPilot Client just crashed. So the crashing could be caused by the frequent writing the error message and producing the “beep”.

Thanks for your hint.

A friend of mine had the same issue during Worldflight. You can see it in his Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/live/_FguKHaE8mo?si=g62ZcxWKua9uX5Ym&t=4332