Not transmitting on any frequencies

Hi all!

I’ve lost COM1 during the flight and couldn’t find the solution for solfing this problem yet…

MSFS2020 Captain Sim Boeing 777-300ER, VPilot 3.4.8

I’ve got this message - “Not transmitting on any frequencies”, when I’m trying to send text mssge to any ATC online!

But everithing was o’k on departure few hours ago.

Thanks for any assistance and regards!

Sounds like maybe your radios lost power. Everything going okay with your electrical system? Engine generators on, bus tie circuits all closed, avionics swtiches all still on, etcetera? vPilot will take its cue from the sim’s determination of whether the radio has power as to whether it can transmit, whether via voice or text.

Thanks for you answer. The problem solved after Sim restarted.