Help changing divisions

I have not been on Vatsim in a few years and I am not sure to get get in touch with my division director to change from my current division.

Hey Marc,
What exactly do you want? Where are you currently and where do you want to go?

Hello Marc,
Have you tried to change your division on the myVATSIM website?
Look under: >Member Help >Change Region

I am currently in Caribbean I am looking to switch to Boston.

All the info you need :slight_smile:

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I have been on vatsim for a few months and it says I Havnt completed the p0 exam even though I completed it a while ago and was playing before. Can you help?

I would contact support honestly.

I have, it’s been about 4 days and still no reply. Do you know anyone that can maybe help as I am completely unable to go onto the network

I think you now have the rating, correct? Should be all good

Yes all good. The issue was I had somehow screamed a new account and I literally have no idea I made one on December 27. I put my old email and my new CID so that’s why. Thanks.

I would advise you to contact the Membership department @1652926 to let them know you have more than one account, and ask them to remove the one you do not intend to keep - VATSIM Support