Euroscope unknown waypoint

When asking for a copx point (e.g i ask a direct to XXX vor from a neighboring FIR) then a message is poping up mentioning that the waypoint im asking is an unknown waypoint for the other FIR. this happens only with 2 specific VORs. the other waypoing in the FIR act normally.
any thoughts?

Possibly the identifier is used multiple times, either in your or the other sectorfile? This could create an ambiguity.

Can you provide details about a specific case?

thanks jonas. well look. there are 2 vors (PHA and LCA) in Cyprus that when i ask from LGGG to send an aircraft direct to these (without being part of the pilot’s flight plan), it pops up a message telling that e.g PHA is an unknown point for LGGG. while being online as LGGG on the other side and a i send an aircraft direct to PHA or LCA it does not recognise it as a copx for LCCC and it is shown on his tag as if LCCC has accepted the ongoing request. for your info LCCC and LGGG are neighboring FIRs. and this happens only with these 2 VORs. the other waypoints inside LCCC fir act normally.

To confirm, other waypoints inside (or just at the border) LCCC work fine? I could find neither PHA nor LCA in the sector file for LGGG. This could indicate missing data. Did you report this issue to your vACC staff responsible to create the sector file package?

im one the guys making the sector files. well PHA LCA should not be in LGGG’s sector file should be? cause these are waypoints of the LCCC FIR. to answer your question , yes other waypoints work fine.

Hm. Why would you limit your sector file data to your FIR? Or, phrased differently, why do you attempt to send an aircraft to a waypoint which seems already be beyond your map horizon? This would mean you are asking for a direct to a location you cannot identify on your screen. Maybe think rather of your area of interest, where PHA and LCA obviously should be part of. And consequently these locations should be available for display. What happens if you include these VORs in your sector file?

i will try that but i think the map display is not the point cause many times Adria requests from me a direct to its northern FIR boundary (boundaries with hungary lets say) that there is no issue.