Congratulations on the New Forums!

Many thanks for introducing the new forums for us! We now have a very modern look. :grinning:


Thanks. It’s still a work in progress but overall we are very pleased. :slight_smile:

Agreed, the new forum looks great so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a button to find “unread” articles? and one to “mark all read”?


Try the “New” button on top. It appears the “Unread” button pertains to messages that you have created.

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But even on that “New”, it seems it’s hard to follow up, as you don’t see any sort of notification that additional replies have been posted. For that, on the bottom of the post, one needs to change the status from “Normal” to Watching or Tracking.
To Forum managers, any place to change that as a general setting?

Ah, just found that under Settings/Notifications/Categories you can set if you want to Watch/Track the categories. That might do the trick :smiley:

Looks great. Congrats!

Black letters on a darkish blue background are hard to read. Blue headers on a blue background are almost impossible to read.

Hello Martijn,

Your forum interface is customizable if it’s hard to read. Go to your profile preferences and select “Interface”. From there, you can change your color scheme.


Thanks, but still no joy. As long as there is a ‘blue orb’ at the top, it will break readability. This is on a mobile device btw, Pixel 6.

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That looks like a bug on mobile. There should be a light/dark background depending on the theme. On mobile, it’s invisible

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you can see the theme, it’s just that the Blue curved underlay is very strong on mobile version

These new forums look so good!!

Hi Martijn,

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll look into this bug!

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Hi Jannes, any news on this? On my side, the ‘blue blob’ is still there.

FYI: it only occurs on the forum’s home page. All other pages are perfectly fine.

Cheers, Martijn

Hey Martijn,

I’m taking a look into this and a couple other styling quirks on the forum.
Will post here when things are resolved!

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I’ve made some changes that should make it more readable.
Let me know if you notice anything else that needs some rework!

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Excellent, everything is fine on my side!