[BETA] New Flight Plan form on myVATSIM

Saving flight plans happens on myVATSIM’s side. FSD is not aware of any of the saved flight plans. I can’t say how big of a change would be required on FSD in order to enable this since I don’t work with FSD directly.

They do notice, since reconnecting will clear things like the Scratchpad/Cleared flight plan flag

Dark mode depends on a complete rework of the entire front end. It’s planned, but no timeline.

FSD limit is still the same, nothing has changed. So 2 hours if the pilot does not connect. The 2 day limit is for saving flight plans, so users can plan their flights ahead of time - saved flight plans are not submitted to FSD

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do you write in every tag to check? How do you distinguish between disconnect due to FPS or vatsim servers and disocnnect + new FP? I don’t and most controllers I know don’t. Imo if the route looks similar it will not be a factor and you won’t notice

Makes sense. At the moment they can be submitted but I assume that you will limit in the future

When importing an ICAO FPL that includes more than one alternate airport, it throws an error parsing line. This is not an issue in the current flightplan form.

Im using 34" curved monitor on 3440 x 1440 (recomended)
To hit the submit button I have to scroll down, so I cant see the notifications that appeare in the upper most left of the screen of a succesful submission or error.

There is a lot of this FAF at the top of the Prefile page, which pushes everything down.

Correct, there will be some validation on that.

Thanks, I’ll adjust the parser. Multiple alternates are not supported right now, so it will probably just discard that information.

That’s what I find odd. The message should always appear on the top-right of the screen, regardless of how far down the page you scroll.
Do you mind testing this on the old form for me? I suspect it might be a screen density issue (assuming you’re in 4k?), and I have no way to test that. If the old form does not cause you to scroll down, you can increase the size of the route field dragging the bottom-right corner.
I just want to identify if this issue is on the plugin that we use to show the messages, or some CSS issue on the new form.

parser correctly enters altitudes and flight levels (A/F), but has problems with Endurance (/Exxxx), i.e.:

-DOF/240403 RMK/MSFS,

causes an error:

Error parsing line 7: -E/0200)

Same problem with only “-E/0200”.

Thanks, I got it reported on Sunday, should be fixed later this week


When I try filing the flight plan nothing happens, the flight plan doesn’t seem to have been filed at all. Also I cannot edit my flight plan after filing it

Just pushed an update to the new form:

  • Endurance is now parsed from the ICAO FPL when present
  • Parser will not throw an error if more than one Alternate is provided
  • Added a message on the Saved Flight Plans page clarifying when Saved Flight Plans expire.
  • Equipment code field will not allow any other codes if N is present
  • Fixed an exception on the ICAO FPL parser if the provided DOF/ contained invalid characters
  • PER/ now contains a list with the valid options
  • Added a more visible warning on the bottom of the form in case of any validation errors

Are the fields grayed out, and that’s why it’s not allowing you to edit it?


My only issue now is, when I attempt to file, I receive this error:


Which doesn’t directly match with a field available (including IFR/VFR, which I have selected) and I have missed no fields with an * indicating required.

That’s not supposed to be marked as required. I’ll push a fix in a few minutes.

Update: This is fixed now, thanks @1562716

@1277383 thank you for the work you’re doing. I’d like to offer a slight design change to the form. Here’s what I’m proposing in order to enhance the flow of the page:

  1. Add an accordion at the top of the page to handle site-wide information.
  2. Use multiple cards to break up the daunting form.
  3. Introduce different form inputs to break up the monotony of text boxes.


Hey Marc, I appreciate the time you spent doing this - suggestions are always welcome.

I intentionally didn’t make any visual changes at this point since I want to do a complete rework on myVATSIMs interface at some point in the future. Addressing your suggestions:

  1. We’re looking at a few options to improve this in a way that’s both more visible to all pilots and doesn’t take space on every page of myVATSIM (for NOTAMs specifically).
  2. I like the idea. I’ve got a suggestion that will involve the Pilot Training Department regarding this form and how a “simplified” version would work that might affect it, but I’ll keep your suggestion in mind. The order of fields in this form is something we’ll likely never get everyone to agree with, so following the ICAO ordering/format (mostly) was likely the best overall solution for now.
  3. A bit related to (1), but there are some fields that will change over the next few weeks, like Equipment/Transponder, PBN and soon STS as well.

All good. Glad to hear that these things are being talked about and things are happening in the background.


As a guy who does primarily mobility command flights, the STS field will be great for me. Currently, I just cheat by putting it in the PBN field before the actual PBN data.

That does beg the question, though: I assume the ATFMX entry will be purely visual and won’t get us in any faster :joy:.

Thanks for your efforts in this.