Atlantic Airways Virtual

Unspoiled, Unexplored, Unbelievable.

Up here in the Faroe Islands that’s the motto we tend to stick by. Fancy experiencing a unique opportunity to join one of Europe’s most exciting new Virtual Airlines?

Here at Atlantic Airways Virtual we aim to follow the real life workings of Faroese flag carrier Atlantic Airways. We have one of the youngest fleets in Europe comprising of one Airbus A320 and two A320 NEOs. We also offer the chance for some helicopter operations as well as historical routes! We fly daily routes in and out of our hub in Vagar which is approximately 40 minutes from our capital city of Torshavn. We are currently in our summer schedule serving the following destinations -

  • Copenhagen;
  • Billund;
  • Aalborg;
  • Keflavik;
  • Edinburgh;
  • Oslo;
  • Paris;
  • Barcelona;
  • Mallorca;
  • Gran Canaria.

Historical -

  • Greenland;
  • Sumburgh;
  • Standstead

BUT! That’s not all! We’re even opening a route to New York!

Beginning in August 2023 fly from Vagar to New York aboard one of our amazing A320 NEOs!

Routes are reviewed and updated daily!


To sign up make an account @ Newsky and then search for “Atlantic Airways Virtual”

Join our discord for more information - Discord