[28th October 2023] Cross The Pond Eastbound - Discussion Thread

Yes - people who expressed interest vs slots is 2269 vs 1337

question might have been asked, but when will slots be made public

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The answer is hidden within the secrets of your mouse’s scroll wheel :wink:

(As in, scroll up in this thread…)

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!!! Change in the CTP Schedule before the event !!!

All, for operational reasons, we have made a change to the previously announced schedule on the forum, with milestones leading up to the event. The change is as follows:

  • Slot confirmation: already available, deadline is 26OCT23, 2359z;
  • Public slots opening and slot trading is available 27OCT23, 1200z, until late in the night before the event when slots will be locked.

We apologise for any inconvenience due to the change.

NOTE: If you do not confirm your slot by the deadline, it will be released from you and returned to the public pool that opens on the 27th at 1200z


For users that didn’t get a slot, at which time does the oceanic airspace will be denied to them ? Aka, what is the latest time of east-bond oceanic entry ahead of the event someone without a slot is allowed to enter ?

Thanks !

Cross the Pond 2023 - Eastbound - Non-Event Traffic

Tomorrow we will host more than 1,300 planes across the Atlantic to a range of airfields across Europe and Africa, from departing fields in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Colombia and Brazil. In designing this event, the majority of our ATC capacity is assigned to pre-booked traffic for our event.

Because of this and the huge amount of work that goes into providing service for these planes, we ask you not to fly across the ocean at all. We also ask you not to utilise the event fields during the peak window as there are many other flight options available.

The rest of this post details what you should do if you choose to fly despite this request.

If you plan to fly in or out of departing event fields, you will be metered, most likely delayed via the North America vATCSCC depending on the workload at the event fields and enroute sectors.

If you plan to fly across the pond as non-event traffic (in either direction), your routing will be mandated based on avoiding traffic already booked to cross the pond, and you can expect to be assigned a very low level for the duration and potentially have no ATC for parts of your flight.

If you plan to fly intra-Europe during the event, you will be subject to delays if your flight crosses the paths of CTP arrivals and you will be delayed on the ground in order to manage the workload for our controllers. This can happen to anyone arriving or departing from an event airport.

Departing offline in order to circumvent departure restrictions on the ground is a violation of the VATSIM Code of Conduct and will be monitored by the supervisor team.

If you plan to cross the Atlantic in the Eastbound Direction in North America

You can expect a re-route on the ground (if covered by ATC) or in the air if already airborne when you fall under the control of ATC. This may involve a level change compared to your plan.

If you plan to cross the Atlantic in the Westbound Direction, we recommend that you fly along one of the following tracks:-

X1 GOMUP 58N015W 58N020W 58N030W 58N040W 57N050W ENNSO
X2 DINIM 50N020W 50N030W 49N040W 48N050W NICSO
Any other routing, including the real-world westbound tracks for the day, will be limited to a maximum FL of 280.

We hope this guidance assists with planning your flight and helps you to understand why you may be delayed during your flight.

All, routes should now be on their way to your inboxes. Please remember that the route and SELCAL codes are mandatory. To make things flow more easily, please also ensure you have an up-to-date AIRAC cycle.

Can i fly from LHR to IAH while the cross the bond event is on?
Im planning to depart in about 1h

The answer is in the post above. Please read the information provided. :slight_smile:

I was planning to fly a local flight in Quebec (CYUL-CYYY), both are not departure airports for the CTP event, do I still need to expect delays or should everything be normal

Possibly due to the people controlling you being the sectors that control CTP traffic overhead. But apart from that, you should be ok! :smiley:

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Nice wave of traffic across the atlantic

I think we peaked at around 2400 pilots across the network

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All, we thank you for spending last Saturday with us during CTP 23 Eastbound and we hope you have enjoyed it!

On behalf of the Planning Team, we’d like to credit where credit’s due and thank the Advocacy Team, Event Team, Routes teams, webinar team, Tech Team, Americas Staff and Europe/Africa Staff, oceanic and domestic controllers, and last but not least, you, the pilots for making CTP what it is.

As usual, we would like to hear back from you. We have prepared feedback forms for various participants, so please fill out the ones relevant to you as your feedback helps us shape the event and move it forward.

Hi guys, just a quick question.
The CTP 2024 ( April ) when the link will be available

thank y

The link is the same for every event: ctp.vatsim.net.

There is no thread on here as there is nothing public going on at the moment. When airport voting starts soon, there will be a post on the forums.

Hope this helps.